It is a great honor to be CEO of Shaheen Foundation Security Services. Though a business entity but we consider ourselves a family where a combination of team work, trust and mutual understanding in achieving excellence is the order of the day. We are in competition with no one but ourselves and that too to improve our services. Hence every member of our team is required to ensure maximum commitment towards this. I strongly believe that earning should be shared with those who are at the cutting Every member of my team is hence required to ensure maximum commitment for continuous improvement and development of the company within his I her entrusted domain. I sincerely wish each member of the Company and our Clients, best of luck for a safe and prosperous future.


As the Chief Executive Officer of SFSS, it is my privilege to lead a dedicated team of professionals imbued with rich experience, hard training and expert in handling specialized security operations tailored to the needs of individual client. The Private Security Companies (PSCs) in Pakistan are confronted with multi-faceted challenges under the prevailing security environment and therefore we focus on providing integrated security solution with a requisite comprehensive basic, mid and advance level training of guards, supervisors and officers to ensure that we prove equal to the task.

Policy Statement

SFSS believes that a sound Security Operations Management Policy is a key factor in its professional strength which benefits all stakeholders i.e. the employees, the clients and the Management. It should also simultaneously serve the interest of the community in general. We strive to ensure that expectations are not only met but also exceeded. Our course is to provide you with a total Security solution and a peace of mind.

Policy Objectives

SFSS undertakes to:

• Provide professional security services woven around its core values, business ethics and respect for human rights.
• Render safe, secure and dependable services protecting the life, reputation and property of our clients.
• Strive to abide by the spirit of all applicable legal and contractual obligations, including voluntary undertakings to which subscribes.
• Keep human rights, risk and security factors at the foremost in all operational decisions, supply chain management, procurement, and use and disposal of resources.
• Continually review and improve services by regularly assessing performance and preparing ourselves for responding to any undesirable events impacting stakeholders and operational efficiency.
• Train security operations personnel in human rights, security, safety, incident response etc. To maintain and demonstrate high standards of professionalism at all times.
• Devise mechanisms for supervision of all operations to provide optimum service delivery, employee and client satisfaction.
• Cooperate with other stakeholders in the security industry, including competitors to improve human rights, security operations and risk management.

Reputation of the Organisation:
The reputation of the company is considered a sacred asset built on the professionalism and ethical behavior of persons working on our behalf. This requires all to understand their responsibilities in contributing towards achievement of objectives and protecting I enhancing the reputation of the organisation.